Monday, February 8, 2010

Ink'd: A New Tattoo Exhibit!!!!

   I love tattoos and I feel they are an under appreciated art form, so when I was asked to come up with a senior project for my Arts Management degree from Purchase College I thought I should do something on tattoo art. After a lot of thinking I came up with Ink'd.  
Ink'd: A Look into Tattoo Design is an exhibit that showcases not only tattoo art but the people behind the tattoos.
I originally set out to show how tattoo art can be viewed from a formal art perspective by taking images of only the tattoo itself. However, as I began to take photographs, I realized that tattoo art, more than any other kind of art form is uniquely personal. Often times, I would see common designs like the humming bird, rose, wings, etc. Each design was not only interpreted differently by the artist but also each was given special meaning by the wearer. Tattoo art has gone back to a time when art and images belong to the masses and both the artist and the viewer helped in creating a single piece. I have come to realize that to look at a tattoo is to look at the person; they are inseparable. I hope to communicate this though images of tattoos and portraits of its wearers that I have taken over a period of time and I have been lucky enough to do a small, one night exhibit at the Neuberger Museum of Art on their First Wednesday event that is open to everyone and has a lot of great programs. Here is the info:

When: Wednesday, March 3
Where: Neuberger Museum of Art at Purchase College
Time: 4 - 8pm

  It is important that tattoo art is taken as a serious art form and that people realize it is not simply a fad but an art movement for this generation, through exhibitions like this. So come by to see some great tattoo art and free food!!!

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